Jamie T at UEA LCR

carry on the grudge

The quest to get these tickets was a long, yet rewarding one. As you may know, Jamie T’s tickets for this particular event sold out in around 26 minutes and whilst I tried with many browsers open to try and nab one, I failed. However, about a week or so before the event, I received an email from the university saying there was a select few tickets going for re-sale, only for students! Oh I was so excited. Arriving at the box office 2 hours before the tickets actually went on sale, missing a lecture (worth it), I managed to get some! Ignoring the fact that these particular tickets didn’t sell out until the day of the event, I was so damn happy.

Jamie T announced this tour on the back of his new album Carry on the Grudge, which, despite loosing the teenage-angst and ferocity of his previous two albums, is absolutely incredible. Personally, I think his lyrics are unrivalled by anyone in the music circuit currently, and this is perfectly exampled by the first song on the album ‘Limits Lie’. Another absolute corker on the album is ‘Rabbit Hole’, probably the most reminiscent of his previous works on this album, along with ‘Zombie’.

The Slaves kicked off the evening with an.. interesting set. It would be a push to call them talented, but at least they enjoyed their set. I can’t really fault them in their lack of musical talent, as punk has never been all about the musical intricacies, although in supporting Jamie T you may have thought they would have picked something a bit different. The best demonstration of their “style” is their 16 second song ‘Girl Fight’, which does what it says on the tin. They started this song of with about a minute and a half introduction to how this scene arose which was rather interesting. Basically – there’s two girls having a fight. They finished with ‘Hey’ which is definitely one of their better ones, with grungy guitar lines and anthem-like vocals.

Then came the time for the one and only Jamie T to get on stage. And what an introduction it was. He kicked things off with the melancholy ‘Limits Lie’, which was his first single released off his new album, followed by ‘Don’t you find’. These songs were a down-beat start to an evening which was anything but. Saying this, they were performed to perfection and proved Jamie’s new band really know how to play. Perfect start to an incredible evening. One thing I did notice is the age range of the crowd was very diverse, which just shows how Jamie T’s music applies to a wide range of people.

The next highlight for me was ‘Peter’, off Carry on the Grudge, which was so damn good. This made the crowd go crazy. The whole floor of the LCR went mad. I didn’t touch the floor for about the next 5 songs. Well that may be a slight exaggeration but quite literally, the whole pit was full of pushing, shoving and people having a mental time for the whole set. Minus a few select songs which allowed for a slight respite from the craziness. One of which being Emily’s Heart, which Jamie poured his heart and soul into, and the crowd sung and swayed along, all lost in the lyrical beauty. He finished with the classic ‘If you’ve got the money’ with everyone shouting the words back at him like the true anthem it is.

He came back for an almighty encore all alone, armed with his beauty of bass. This just cemented everyone’s knowledge of this man’s talent as he performed ‘Back in the Game’, and after this performance, he well and truly was. Joined by the band for the last two, ‘Zombie’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’, this was a fantastic end to an incredible evening.

Leaving the gig, we all genuinely looked as if we had jut got out of a lake fully clothed.. worth it.

The only thing I missed from this show was a lack of songs from Kings & Queens, most notably ‘Chaka Demus’. This album was one of the main albums that created my individual music taste, when I finally stopped hanging onto my older brother and sister’s tastes (however good they are). He also didn’t play Sheila, although I can completely appreciate this decision as Jamie T is not, and never will be a one hit wonder.

If you ever have the chance to see the almighty Jamie T – do. Just trust me on this one.

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