Hot Feet and Cocos Lovers at Norwich Arts Centre

hot feet

Hot Feet were recommended to me by a good friend of mine, and after listening to just 20 seconds of one song, I knew I had to listen more. Their music lifts you to a field full of sunshine and flowers, with a hint of cool breeze and cut grass lingering in the air.. moving on from the metaphors – Hot Feet are damn good. And they have just released a new EP (Mist is Dust) so, trust me, go check it out.

We interviewed the band beforehand and they are as lovely and chilled as their music suggests. They hinted at where they got their name from, but were unable to disclose full details.. and also explain their unique warm up rituals:

The gig commenced with the charming man – The Magic Lantern who lulled us all in to a dreamy state. The whole crowd were so relaxed that we all ended up on the floor swaying in time. His talent on the guitar was perfectly demonstrated with his intricate melodies and soft, unobtrusive voice. You could tell that he was putting all his emotions into his songs, and whilst being a shy fellow, could really open up to the crowd and was seemingly inviting you to share in his memories.

Hot Feet were up next, the main event of the evening in my eyes, and were absolutely magical. Marianne’s vocals were (as I could easily hear line of best fit/pitchfork state) hauntingly beautiful, and whilst the lyrics weren’t going to change the world, the way she adapted her voice to fit each word perfectly was enviable. Marianne has an interesting writing process for Hot Feet’s songs, as she sings out the vowels and the kind of word sounds before she actually chooses them, and so the focus is particularly on how the lyrics will sound. This was beautifully put into effect, and chimed seamlessly with the bass, lead guitar and drums, especially when they joined in to a crescendo at the end of a few select songs. One of which is a ‘for now unnamed’, which is extremely good, and demonstrates the future direction of this special band. Another highlight was ‘Three Black Crosses’ which is slightly more upbeat than the other songs on the EP, also divine silence, which is a mystically ambient track, infused with snazzy little drum beats and great harmonies.

Cocos Lovers were the main event of the evening, bringing everyone to their feet and down for a boogie. They had a great amount of energy and this combined with the many people/instruments jammed on stage (at one time a saw was being used to great effect) created a great atmosphere. Their African-infused folk was something rare to enjoy, but they managed to make the two fit like they were meant to be. A lot of fun was had.

All in all a great night. Take anything away from this – go listen to Hot Feet’s EP, Mist is Dust right now. >>!page2/cjg9

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