The Sunshine Underground – Epic Studios, Norwich

The Sunshine Underground


After a 4 year hiatus, The Sunshine Underground announced a brand new album out of the blue with the well known producer Ross Orton who had previously worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Roots Manuva. The album hints at being a fresh start for the band as it is their third album, yet self titled. The group decided to use the aid of crowd funding to raise the money for their new album, and this meant they were able to create exactly what they wanted, without the influence of any label pressuring them to keep to their original style. This meant that they have begun to explore a hugely different genre with their new release, in electronica vibes, but thankfully manage to stay well away from the cheesy synth vibes that so many indie bands have been playing around with, thinking their they new SBTRKT.

Due to the new album release TSU have been on a UK tour recently, and I was lucky enough to get to see them on their stop in Norwich, at Epic Studios. Joined by my friend who interviewed them for livewire1350 (UEA student radio), we were able to have a great chat with the band about all things music, and you can check out the interview here: There’s also a review that I contributed to, but I fancied writing my own!

TSU kicked things off with the aptly-named ‘Start’ from their new album, and what a great introduction to the album it was. Full of funky electronic beats, yet still keeping their indie roots with lead singer Craig’s vocals. Check it out here:

They kept the energy high throughout the whole set, alternating between the first two albums indierock style, and the new 80s electropop anthems. Surprisingly the two very differing genres flowed seamlessly together. My only criticism is that you could noticeably feel how comfortable TSU sounded in performing their classic songs compared to the new stuff, but as the boys progress through their tour I’m sure they will mould the songs performances down to a professional T.

My personal favourite track of the evening was ‘Put You in Your Place’ which is off their first album ‘Raise the Alarm’. The enthusiasm shining from the stage was only matched by the audiences enjoyment, and fans old and new alike were really able to enjoy this classic indie track. Everyone appreciated TSU’s willingness to keep a lot of their previous albums tracks in the set, which was a nice nod to the loyal fans who had been around since their 2006 tour which stopped off in Norwich’s own Waterfront.

All in all it was a great evening, lovely guys who truly enjoy giving a full-blown performance, and the crowd lapped it up.

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