‘Guess who’s back..back again’ *Eminem tuuuune*

It has been way too long since I have written a review, blame it on the exams! (and lazyness but let’s not focus on that one…)

So who have I seen in the past few months?  Not many unfortunately, although I did have the pleasure of seeing the faaaabulously emotional Tom Odell last week at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. He was actually ridiculously good! Also managed to get relatively cheap, last minute tickets thanks to seatwave…

Definitely check out his new album which is on it’s way soon. highlight of the night was most definitely ‘Hold Me’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejdOAvl5by0) I love how it sounds exactly what anyone would say in a drunken loved-up state, you can taste the morning regret as you listen..

Missed allllll of the supporting acts sadly as we arrived too late 😦

Lowest point of the night was definitely when I managed to (drunkenly) spend at least £5 on lollipops due to the sneaky toilet attendant, have to say they were kinda worth it however 🙂



shall be posting more sooooooooooon hopefully x

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