We Were Evergreen at Jazz Cafe in Camden

Apologies for the sweat patches

Last night I was lucky enough to see the acoustic, poppy folk of the French band We Were Evergreen. Having seen them four times before (avid fan) I knew what to expect, and couldn’t wait 😀

It was at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, which I had heard was an awesome venue, and it didn’t fail to please 🙂 nice intimate setting, 3 floors and a balcony. Standing in the queue munching on the delicious bang bang chicken previously bought in the market, I spotted Ralph from To Kill a King – http://tokillaking.co.uk/, such a gentleman, stopped and had a chat, shall hopefully be going to another of their gigs verrrrry soon!

The first support act was The Venus Bushfires which was a lovely lady, playing something that looked like an inverted steel drum, may be called a hang? This was interesting at first, but didn’t offer much inspiration and turned to being slighty monotonous. The second support act was Aleks Josh who I was sure I recognised, until it finally dawned on me that he was one of the contestants on BBC’s failed programme, The Voice! He was the adorable heart throb, and for me, his voice was just as beautiful as his appearance :’) however, the 2 boys I came with didn’t agree, so I may have been slightly biased :p

After an extremely long wait, We Were Evergreen finally came on stage, starting with Penguins and Moonboots – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JllJTYrbn-w (happiest band the the world ever). Their energy on stage was brilliant, with lots of dancing especially from William 😀 The play as a band beautifully, always in sync with eachother. Another thing that makes them stand out is the variety of instruments they all play, with William on the drums and all sorts of percussion, Michael on the trumpet, ukulele, guitar, and Fabienne on the glockenspiel, singing, harmonica, and all sorts of other lovely instruments.

Michael on the trumpet

Needless to say their whole set was energetic and wonderfully happy, and if you ever get the chance to see them, do notttt miss out on it!

The recently played a Sofar Sounds set with the likes of King Charles, and my good friends Beachwalk Canvas – http://www.beachwalkcanvas.co.uk/. You can check out Sofar Sounds at – http://www.sofarsounds.com/, and theyve also got a deliciousss blog as well 🙂

Despite hating encores, they even did an acoustic encore on one of their new songs that shall be on their new E.P that William let slip shall be out in the coming months! He also let slip that this was their anniversary of officially being British residents for a year 🙂 (Thanks for the actual facts WWE 🙂 )

Thank you for reading my ramblings, hope you enjoyed them 🙂

Look at that moustache. Almighty moustache.

Pippa x


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