The Skints

Hello my lovelies! Apologies for not writing this post sooner, I have written it about 3 times, just for it to be deleted 😥 So lets try again! Weekend before last I was lucky enough to see the reggae/punk/ska band The Skints at the West End Centre in Aldershot. Having only seen them once before at a festival, I was pretty excited 🙂

The West End Centre is a brilliant venue, and not just because of the bean bags and ridiculously cheap drinks! It was a pretty small venue which permitted for there to be an intimate vibe with all the lovely people surrounding. Also great vibes in the crowds, everyone was up for dancing which is sadly very rare to see at a gig nowadays! 😦

Marcia Richards rocking out the sax

Sadly the night started off with a huge disappointment  as the supporting band pulled out! This band being By The Rivers (not being confused with Dry The River) and are fantastic live, having got to see them at Leefest this year. Their chilled reggae vibes were sorely missed this evening! <<<check them out!  They were replaced by a mediocre guitar singing man, who was pretty decent, but nothing as original and groovy as By The Rivers.

The highlight of my night was definitely one of the closing tracks, Ratatat – – with beautiful rap by Marcia, backed by the whole band. This song has a very up-beat vibe, perfect to dance to 😀 Another highlight was when Joshua claimed that this was the biggest crowd they had ever had for a gig! This may have been due to the tiny hall making it seem as if the crowd was a lot larger, but I like to think not :p

Well there ya go! check out The Skints – and if you do like their soulful music, I recommend going to their next local gig! Hope you enjoyed my review, and be sure to check back sooner or later. Next gig I’m going to is feeder at Brixton Academy, so shall let you all know how that goes!

Let me know what you think of The Skints and/or By The Rivers!

Pippa x


4 thoughts on “The Skints

  1. Hi Pippa! Music is just about my biggest passion in life and I love the fact that you have started a blog that also highlights how significant it is in your life. I also respect you for seeking out gigs and not only going to hear the main act, but listening to the support acts and giving your honest appraisals of all.

    • Hello there 🙂 my first proper comment, thank you! Yes I do adore music, just wish I could play an instrument! I love the support acts, especially when they outshine the main act 😛 also, I loved your blog, attempted to comment but my phone was being temperamental 😦 loved the language you used, and your poems are beautiful! just wish I was as talented as that 🙂 enjoy your travels!

      • My memory of a support act blowing away the main act is when I went to see Iron and Wine play in London in 2008 and this group I had never heard of had me riveted from beginning to end. It was their first ever show in England and then they kind of went massive. It was Bon Iver. I remember writing to my friends back in Australia and telling them to check them out and when I returned home nine months later, they were the only band that anyone was interested in talking about. That show in London was as a truly impassioned performance that I can still recall clearly. Thanks for your compliments too, I appreciate it!

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