Primal Scream and HAIM (iTunes Festival)

Two nights ago I was lucky enough to see Primal Scream at the Roundhouse and they were well above my expectations – they were fantastic. this may have been due to the lively crowd but the music was superb. I have to admit I’m not that much of a Primal Scream fan, but I knew all the classics – rocks, loaded etc. The singer – Bobby Gillespie let out the rare smile at the crowd excitedness, and you could really tell he was enjoying himself. Being the youngest in the crowd made it strange to be running about in the mosh(ish) pits but it was still a hellalotta fun. Highlight for me was most definitely Loaded, which I loove as its got such a groovyvibe.

HAIM at Roundhouse, Camden

Also saw HAIM last night, who were also much better than expected. Sadly missed the majority of the faaabulous support – Gabriel Aplin. They definitely felt privileged to be headlining, as the year before they supported Ellie Goulding. I knew more songs than I expected to which is always good when you’re off to a gig. Sadly my friends were reluctant to get into the middle of the crowd so I was stuck on my tiptoes. The highlight of this set, despite the music being very good, was the bassist’s Este Haim’s facial expressions. They were fantastically hilarious! Seriously – if you get the chance to catch them live, make sure you stand on the left hand side of the stage, near where she stands and just appreciate her facial flexibility.


So lucky to have bee able to win this many tickets – also won Chic by the way which I gave to my parents and they said they were absolutely fantastic.


The next gig I’m going to is To Kill A King with Keston Cobblers Club supporting (yayayayayayayayayay)




Vampire Weekend at Itunes Fest, Roundhouse

Last Thursday evening I amazingly won a pair of tickets to the highly sought after Itunes Festival to see the fabulous Vampire Weekend. So on the Sunday evening I (metaphorically) packed my bags and was ready to go.

However, in the notorious Brown Family fashion, I was over an hour late so sadly my friend and I were stuck behind a large crowd, including someone who can only be described as guinessbookofworldrecords-tall. We also missed the supporting act – The Olms(?). But ahh well, we got stuck on in anyway. The atmosphere was pretty darn good (why wouldn’t it be – everyone got free tickets!) and people were a-wiggling. What also set the mood was the fact that everyone there was in pairs – this meant everyone was mingling more, which created a lovely atmosphere.

VW began their set with the marvellously happy tune Diane Young and carried on through till Step brought the mood down slightly, as a slow paced song. They then let down the white background set (which had a grand mirror in front of it) which revealed a flowery background which excited us all (easily done hey?) and brought up the crowd again for Unbelievers. All in all the set was very good, but I have to admit they weren’t as lively, and didn’t interact with the crowd as much as I had expected, or as much as they had the last time I had seen them. (Glasto 2008)

Their (although predictable) encore was a lot of fun, especially screaming ‘Blake’s got a new face’ at the top of my lungs. This song sadly did highlight the lack of true VW fans in the audience as less than half of them were joining in with my screaming. :(

Thanks for readinnggg!! Seeing Primal Scream(yay) this Friday so shall update you shortly.




‘Guess who’s back..back again’ *Eminem tuuuune*

It has been way too long since I have written a review, blame it on the exams! (and lazyness but let’s not focus on that one…)

So who have I seen in the past few months?  Not many unfortunately, although I did have the pleasure of seeing the faaaabulously emotional Tom Odell last week at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. He was actually ridiculously good! Also managed to get relatively cheap, last minute tickets thanks to seatwave…

Definitely check out his new album which is on it’s way soon. highlight of the night was most definitely ‘Hold Me’ ( I love how it sounds exactly what anyone would say in a drunken loved-up state, you can taste the morning regret as you listen..

Missed allllll of the supporting acts sadly as we arrived too late :(

Lowest point of the night was definitely when I managed to (drunkenly) spend at least £5 on lollipops due to the sneaky toilet attendant, have to say they were kinda worth it however :)



shall be posting more sooooooooooon hopefully x

The Skints

Hello my lovelies! Apologies for not writing this post sooner, I have written it about 3 times, just for it to be deleted :'( So lets try again! Weekend before last I was lucky enough to see the reggae/punk/ska band The Skints at the West End Centre in Aldershot. Having only seen them once before at a festival, I was pretty excited :)

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Hello world!

Well hello there the pity few who ending up reading this!

Decided to start up this bloggg to share to the world my musings of music.. hence the title :) also hopefully get some cheeky free gigs out of it which seems highly unlikely but I’m forever optimistic. I may also scout the web for some delicious free music to treat all you lovely people..

So anyway, not much time to do my first gig review right now, which by the way shall be on The Skints who played amazingly last night at the West End Centre in Aldershot.

Pippa x